Friday, April 23, 2010

Comparison of Online Contracting License Schools-How to pick the right school for you!

The following compares the Top California State Licensing Schools.

It is difficult to select a Contractors Licensing School over the internet. You should be aware of the consumer’s issues and we have completed an intensive analysis of the current Contractors Schools Market. I hope you find the following both informative and helpful in selecting your Contractor’s School.

The State Exams are continually changing and being updated by changes in laws and codes. As a result, you should consider that the information you will be receiving from your school is complete, current and easy to access. To keep up with the states changes, all schools need to maintain a competent staff of writers and editors to maintain and assemble current  information and practice questions. As a result, most schools can’t keep their study materials updated properly and  their study materials get out dated. With that in mind, select the best school for your money and time you will invest.

We encourage you to review this Research in detail
before you make your final decision!
An Independent Service Company research the current on-line contractors that provide Home Study Courses. There are just over 40 California Schools claiming to provide current study material for the State Contractors License Exams. They did the research and took the notes that will help you choose the Contractor’s School that best fits your needs.

The following research criteria was given:

Focus ONLY on California Contractors.

  • Licensing Schools providing Home Study Courses.
  • Refine the List to the top 10 Schools in the California
  • Contractors Licensing Market.
  • Actual Cost of License KIT includes Instructors on CDs.
  • Shipping and Application Processing.
  • Provide clear identification of Products and Services.
  • Disregard Schools that don’t meet the minimum quality standards.

All schools listed INCLUDE:

  • Specializes in California State Contractors Licensing
  • Home Study for Contractors Trade Courses
  • Study Manuals for Trade and Law & Business
  • Course Instruction Classes on Audio CDs
  • California State License Forms and Applications
  • Standard Telephone and Email Support
  • A minimum of 400 practice test questions per course
  • Allows you to keep your study Materials after Exam

The List DOES NOT INCLUDE Schools that:


  • 1. The BBB offers member Schools and their customers many benefits (industry ratings, business history, communication and arbitration). The best Schools see the BBB as an investment in their Business and their Customers. Review any Business or School's BBB history before you make your final decision.

    2. Beware of Schools that claim more than 650 Questions. These schools may have collected questions from other schools and HAVE NOT removed the OLD questions. Be sure you have updated questions.
    3. On-Line Courses in this market have been tried but failed to meet most contractor's expectations. Internet connections and relocating your progress within the sites have been less the desirable. In addition, the schools providing these courses typically provide the Law and Business but fail to provide most Trade Classifications. Manuals, DVDs and CDs are more reliable and you can access the information directly from your computer.
    4. Some Schools will offer to fill out and send your Application to the State for you. However, you still must collect and provided all the information yourself. Some Schools even charge for this service. So we concluded since you must provide all the information we have determined that this service is not worthy of distinguishing.
    5. Schools that claim they can set an Exam Date for you are incorrect. The Exam Date and Location are provided you directly from the state after your application is accepted. NO schools have control over the timing of State Exam Dates.
    6. Top Rated Schools allow you to take your study materials home and to keep them after your exam.  However, some do not and we are not sure why because the materials become out dated within a year. These Schools may also be having some copyright issues that they are addressing.
    7. Included are several of the National Schools but have found the Support is less accurate for specific State questions as compared to School specializing in California Licensing.
    8. Some Schools offer Large Discounts on their Courses. The better Schools know their expenses and the costs of acquiring new contractors and price their courses accordingly. However, the price for adding additional courses should be reduced for returning contractors because their customer acquisition cost are already paid.
    9. California DOES NOT require Contractors Licensing Schools to be certified. Since the State does not require continuing education for contractors the state does not require the Schools to maintain any Certifications.  However there are Certifications Schools can purchase though third parties this certification is deemed an unnecessary expense by most Schools.

    In Conclusion:

    • Walk-in classes typically COST much more do to the higher overhead and live lecture expenses
    • Shipping methods vary from school to school UPS USPS FedEx but approximately the same
    • Check each Schools Website for Phone Support Times
    • Review Return polices beware of Schools that do not have a Return Policy.
    • All Schools have Similar Course Manuals and Instructors on CD Media




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  8. I was doing my research online, and found that the chart shown here only shows top 4 schools, one of which is yours and 3 others are your competitors. However, those schools are not even top schools. I think it would be nice to see comparison between CSLS and Contractors Intelligence School

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